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Bringing Dreams to ​Life: Your Path to ​Parenthood Starts Here

32-Week practice

60 Minutes - Personal Consultation

Customized Practice Journal

Why should you enroll in this program?

Overcome Fear and Negative ​Thoughts About Pregnancy

Embracing the path to parenthood can be ​daunting, filled with uncertainties and fears. ​Program is designed to guide you gently ​through these worries, replacing fear with ​knowledge and confidence. Through ​personalized coaching, we'll help you ​dismantle the anxieties surrounding ​pregnancy, enabling you to approach this ​beautiful journey with optimism and peace.

Enhance Your Mental Health and ​Spousal Relationship

A strong relationship with your spouse is the ​cornerstone of a happy family. Grand Genie ​focuses not only on your journey to becoming ​parents but also on strengthening your ​partnership. Better mental health leads to ​more effective communication and ​understanding between partners, ensuring ​both of you are emotionally prepared and ​aligned in your parenting dreams.

Heal Mental Blocks

Often, the path to conception is obstructed ​more by mental barriers than physical ones. In ​this program, we identify and resolve these ​issues with customized, proven strategies. We ​address everything from past traumas to deep-​rooted fears, helping to clear your mental and ​emotional hurdles. This sets a strong ​foundation for fertility and a nurturing ​pregnancy

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Your Wish, Our ​Command.

Reasons for Delay in Baby Manifestation

  • Preconceived Negative Thoughts: Holding onto negative beliefs about parenting or the possibility of ​conceiving can create mental barriers that impede conception. Our program helps you identify and ​transform these thoughts into positive affirmations.

  • Low Energy in Relationship Beliefs: Doubts and uncertainties about the strength of your relationship ​can affect your emotional and physical connection. We work to rejuvenate your belief in your ​partnership’s resilience and capacity to nurture new life.

  • Consistent Relationship Issues with Life Partner: Ongoing conflicts or unresolved issues with your ​partner can create a stressful environment that may hinder conception. Our coaching focuses on ​resolving these conflicts, fostering a harmonious relationship conducive to welcoming a baby.

What we offer

Personal Coaching

Receive personalized 60-minute coaching focused on manifesting your ideal partner. This one-time session provides expert guidance to align your intentions and emotions, empowering you to attract the love you desire with clarity and confidence.

Customized Journal

Start a 32-week journey with our customized journal, designed to help you understand your feelings and what you want in love. It's your personal guide, giving you insights and support as you work towards finding your ideal partner.

Daily Reminder

Enhance your journey with our Personal Program's Daily Reminder Support. Effortlessly synced with Google Calendar, you'll receive daily reminders throughout the course duration, ensuring you never miss a step in your transformative path.

Practice Templates

Carefully crafted to support ​your journey toward ​parenthood, these ​templates enhance your ​daily routines, keeping you ​focused and clear on your ​goal of manifesting a baby. ​They provide structured ​guidance to maintain ​momentum and clarity as ​you prepare for welcoming ​new life into your family.

If you are not satisfied

guaranteed refund on program fee

Client Testimonials

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"Beautiful baby girl after 5 ​years"

I achieved my dream with the help of your ​affirmations and gratitude practices. I had ​been worried about the delay in having my ​baby, but after five years, I was blessed with ​a beautiful baby girl by following your ​manifestation process. I still can hardly ​believe it. Thank you


"Manifested baby boy"

After manifesting my dream career at my ​dream college in 2020, I successfully ​manifested my baby boy through your ​personal coaching. He is now three months ​old, and life couldn't be better. I cherish ​every second of my day with him. Thank you ​for the incredible impact you've had on so ​many lives. Words cannot fully express my ​gratitude!


"My wife conceived ​naturally"

Thank you for your guidance and support in ​manifesting our baby. During a challenging ​time, your advice felt miraculous. Despite ​doctor recommendations for IVF, my wife ​conceived naturally. We're now two months ​pregnant, and it's a joyous time for our ​family!


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Embrace the power of ​positivity and ​intentional actions with ​us. Transform your ​journey towards ​parenthood and ​experience the ​extraordinary outcomes ​our program offers in ​helping you manifest ​your dream of having a ​baby.

Program walk-through

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online assessment

Step 1: After registering for the course, you will complete an assessment that aids us in customizing your personal coaching call.

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60-mins personal coaching

Step 2: Schedule your personal coaching call at your convenience, available via Zoom or in person as possible.

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customized digital journal

Based on the assessments from Steps 1 and 2, we will prepare a digital journal for your practice. You can print this journal to begin your daily activities.

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Final Step: Daily reminders will be set up through Google Calendar to keep you on track each day. Digital templates will be included and sent to your email.

daily reminder

& digital templates

About me

Hello! I’m Jhawahar Raju your guide and mentor on this ​transformative journey. Before embracing life coaching ​full-time, I spent a decade in the HR field, where I honed ​my skills in understanding people's needs and ​motivations. Now, with over eight years in the life ​coaching field, I've had the privilege of meeting more ​than 15,000 individuals through workshops, personal ​programs, and various online courses.

I founded EpicRecap as a space dedicated to elevating the lives of people around the world. Over the past eight years, I've also been running a YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers, where I share insights and success stories that inspire and motivate.

Fluent in both English and Tamil, I offer coaching that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, reaching a diverse client base across over 23 countries. My approach blends practical strategies with introspective techniques, aiming for both immediate impact and sustainable growth.

Whether you're looking to advance your career, enhance personal relationships, or achieve a specific life goal, I am here to support you with empathy and expert guidance. For more inspiration and success stories, check out our YouTube channel at youtube/epicrecap and read our Google reviews.

Join me at EpicRecap, and let’s turn your aspirations into reality.


What is the Grand Genie - ​program?

This program is designed to assist ​you in conceiving by aligning your ​mindset and emotional state to ​foster a nurturing environment for ​pregnancy.

How do I enroll in the Grand Genie Program?

You can enroll through our ​website by filling out a registration ​form and completing the initial ​assessment that helps us tailor the ​coaching to your needs.

What can I expect after enrolling?

After enrollment, you'll be asked to complete an assessment to better understand your goals, followed by a personal coaching call. You'll also receive a customized practice journal and daily reminders to keep you on track.

How are the personal coaching sessions conducted?

Coaching sessions can be conducted over Zoom or in person, depending on your location and current health guidelines.

What if I have more questions during the program?

While the coaching session is a one-time event, you can always reach out via email with any further questions or for additional guidance.

What is the success rate of the program?

Our program boasts a high ​success rate, with many ​participants successfully ​conceiving during or shortly after ​their journey with us. We have ​numerous testimonials from past​ clients that highlight the effe​ctiveness of our approach.

Is there a specific start date for the program?

The program begins as soon as you enroll and complete your initial assessment. This allows you to start your personalized coaching journey at your convenience.

Can I participate in the program from anywhere?

Yes, the program is accessible remotely. You can join from anywhere as long as you have internet access and a device to communicate.

How long does the program last?

The initial coaching session is 60​ minutes, after which you will​ continue to work independently​ with the process journal designed​ to support your journey for 32​ Weeks​

What materials will I need for the program?

You'll need access to a computer or smartphone for digital content and the option to print your practice journal. All other materials and instructions will be provided by us.

Not satisfied with our program?

Money Back Guarantee

Embark on your personal transformation with the Grand Genie Program, supported by our unwavering full refund promise. As your dedicated life coach, I am deeply confident in the transformative power of our program. If you engage fully and find you're not satisfied with the progress, we offer a complete refund. We are committed to your growth and fulfillment in every aspect of life. If the results don’t align with your expectations, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Trust in your path; we are with you every step of the way.

"The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, ​good and bad" — Idowu Koyenikan

GRAND GENIE - Manifest Baby

Personal Program

INR ₹17,000 ₹8,500

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